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What Your Trim Can Say About Your House: Crown Moulding

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Let's talk about the next type of trim that gets installed in a home.

Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding is the trim that goes around the perimeter of the ceiling. It bridges the corner of the wall, or built in cabinets and the ceiling. Because it comes in at an angle, it can be tricky to install. It also comes in a wide variety of sizes and profile. You can even have the crown made up of several different pieces to make your own custom profile. Where should you install it? When is it needed? Let's discuss.

As with the other types of trim, it's important that crown moulding matches both the age, and style of your home. Because there are many different profiles and sizes available, you also want to make sure your crown moulding matches the profiles of your other trims. The trick with crown moulding, though, is it does not always improve a room.

If your home has lower ceilings, crown moulding can make your room look smaller, because it draws attention to the ceiling. If your room has lower ceilings, this can be detrimental. HOWEVER, if you want crown moulding in your room, despite the lower ceiling; simply paint the crown moulding the same colour as the walls. This will cause the crown to blend into the walls a bit more, and prevent undue attention.

If you have normal, or higher ceilings, crown moulding will look great painted a different colour from the walls, like your other trim. For normal height ceilings(8'), you can use crown that is 2-4". And, the higher the ceilings, the bigger the crown you can use! 12' ceilings could accommodate a 6" crown quite nicely. Depending on the age, and style of your home, there are many different styles and sizes to choose from. Some of which can be very ornate.

Another great use of crown moulding, is around built-in cabinetry. Crown moulding around cabinetry can be painted the same colour as the unit itself, and can make the room actually look taller. This also will finish off the cabinetry in an extremely appealing way.

Crown moulding is a relatively economical way to raise the value of your home. It makes a home warmer, and depending on how you paint it, and the size and shape of it, it can be a way for you to manipulate the way your room appears. Be it a focal point, or an element that blends in, it often adds a wonderfully decorative flair to a home. Personally, if you ask me, I think it's an absolute necessity for kitchen cabinetry, and other built-in cabinetry.

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