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Hardwood Floor

When it comes to your home renovation project, your flooring matters. The right kind of flooring can completely transform any living space. Whether you are looking for hardwood, laminate, tile or LVT, Kirk's Renovations has you covered! I can work with you and suppliers to get you the look and function that you need out of your flooring.

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Front Door

Having your windows replaced can dramatically improve the look of your home. They can make your home appear more up-to-date and visually more attractive all year round.
Replacement windows are an important investment to the aesthetic landscaping and functionality of a home. Not only do they improve the exterior look of a home, but they also lower energy costs and improve your home’s curb appeal.
Make your house stand out in London!

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Perhaps one of the most important elements to a room is trim work. This can include base boards, crown molding, window sills and casing. Trim work may be an area to which you haven’t devoted much time, assuming main decisions like wall colour or furniture matter more. But it’s details like the profile of a base board or the thickness of a window casing that subtly send a message about the style and quality of a space. Woodworking details form the canvas of a room and further enhance anything placed within it. Whether you're in a century home in old London, or in a new build on the outskirts of the city, I can make your house look as fancy or as modern as you like!

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Decks have come a long way in last 10 years with not only material options available, but also perception of the deck. Decks are no longer viewed as just a means to BBQ and to get down to the ground, but as an extension of inside of the house. Many people will resort to transforming their backyard into ultimate backyard oasis rather than getting a cottage. Decks have to be designed to be inviting and need to accommodate several usage areas. Composite, or natural wood, you can have the deck that will complete your perfect backyard.

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Fences do more than provide backyard security and privacy. The right fence type can really enhance the look of your home and add a healthy dose of curb appeal. In London, houses often are very close to one another, and homeowners have good relationships with their neighbours. Kirk's Renovations can build you a fence that households on both sides will find beautiful and a real focal point of your yard.

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Pergolas are only limited by your imagination. The simplicity of structure and affordability make them easy to include in any landscape. Attach a pergola to a home or restaurant patio to create shaded seating for an outdoor dining room. Hang lanterns or lighting from the slats overhead to create a starry, romantic atmosphere for an evening dinner party that could rival the best restaurant patios in London.


Kitchens are the heart of the home, and some of the best memories I have take place in the kitchen. From Quartz or Granite to laminate, we can find a counter top to suit your needs. Our custom cabinets can be made to maximize the efficiency of the space, and give you the look and flow that you are looking for in your kitchen. Finished off with whatever backsplash style you desire, along with stunning millwork, your kitchen can be the talk of the neighborhood.

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Next to kitchens, bathroom renovations are one of the most common projects people in London want to start on their home. For good reason! We spend a lot of time in both these rooms! From natural stone or tile, to stylish fixtures, walking into a beautiful bathroom is a great way to start your day. Another benefit to bathroom (and kitchen) renovations, is it is one of the best ways to increase your homes market value. No matter what vision you have for your bathroom, we can work with you to create a relaxing functional space that fits your lifestyle. 

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Basements do not have to be that weird space of the house that no one wants to go. Rather than letting your basement decline into a massive storage closet, elevate it to become the place you will want to spend most of your time. We can give you the basement of your dreams. Whether you are looking for the man cave you always wanted, a home gym, a rec-room, an extra bedroom or bathroom, or a mixture of all of the above; it doesn't have to be a fantasy. 

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These renovation services and more are at your disposal.

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